About CDSF

Czech DanceSport Federation

  • is registered association within the meaning of the Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code.
  • is a voluntary association of people with the same interest in DanceSport. The association is founded to satisfy and protect the interests of its members in DanceSport on recreation, performance and top level within the scope of their mission and activities.
  • the headquarter is based in Prague.

Purpose of CDSF

The purpose and mission of CDSF is methodologically and organizationally support development of DanceSport, defend the interest of its members and promote their legitimate demands.

CDSF purpose is, in particular:

  • To create space for the appropriate use of leisure time by people interested in DanceSport, thereby ensuring broad base particularly in the categories of children and juniors,
  • To provide conditions for the excellent level of Czech DanceSport internationally.

Elected CDSF representatives

  • President – Ing. Martin Dvořák

  • Executive board

    • Vicepresident for sport – Michal Drha
    • Vicepresident for professional affairs – Martin Odstrčil
    • Vicepresident for internal affairs – Ing. Filip Karásek
    • Member of executive board – Jakub Dávidek
    • Member of executive board – Marcel Gebert
    • Member of executive board – Pavel Sluka
    • Member of executive board – Mgr. Miroslav Hýža
    • Member of executive board – Jaroslav Krtička

  • Supervisory board

    • Mgr. Jiří Vrána
    • Jan Durdovič
    • Ing. Jan Liškař

  • Arbitration board

    • Linda Henzélyová
    • Jiří Ševčík
    • Tibor Stano

More information you can find in Statute of association.