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Přinášíme Vám aktuální Newsletter WDSF, který se týká nového ranklistu soutěží WDSF Rising Stars. Jak již bylo dříve zmíněno, nejlepší páry tohoto ranklistu mají možnost zisku tzv. "divoké karty", která poskytne jedinečnou příležitost zúčastnit se mistrovství světa WDSF ve věkové kategorii Dospělí. Pravidla WDSF Rising Stars ranklistu jsou ke stažení ZDE. Pro celý obsah newsletteru čtěte dále.

WDSF Newsletter 21

Citace dopisu ze dne 21. 8. 2023:


Dear WDSF Members, Athletes, Officials, and Championship Organisers,

In light of the communication released on August 2, 2023, regarding the WDSF Rising Stars Ranking List and its associated competitions, we would like to provide further clarity about the provision of benefits to our Rising Stars couples through the WDSF Operating Policy WDSF Rising Stars Ranking List and participation in World and Continental Championships adopted by the WDSF Presidium on August 19, 2023.

As explained, the WDSF Rising Stars competitions will serve as WDSF Rising Star Ranking competitions. This means that the couples in this category will compete for a wild card slot through the WDSF Rising Stars Ranking list, providing them with the unique opportunity to participate in the WDSF World Championship in the Adult age category.

While this opportunity is exciting, it is essential to emphasise that the WDSF competition organisers are not obliged to have any additional costs/expenses for the participants of the WDSF Championship based on their Rising Stars wild card.

Championship organisers can decide on the benefits they wish to grant to these qualifying couples.

Furthermore, we are looking forward to the debut of the prestige-designed Rising Stars competitions, especially the WDSF Rising Stars World Challenge Cup, set to take place this October in Elblag, Poland.

Rising Stars are the future of our DanceSport and for that reason, we encourage Championship organisers to continue supporting Rising Stars couples in line with their event's goals and capabilities.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please reach out to our WDSF Offices.

Warm Regards, 
WDSF Vice President for Sports
Nenad Jeftic"